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About Us

The Official Wine Brand and Club of the Cleveland Browns, offering handcrafted Napa Valley wines. Proceeds support the Cleveland Browns Foundation!

Support Our Community

A portion of the proceeds supports the Cleveland Browns Foundation.

Hear about Brownstown

“Brownstown was designed with the passion of our fanbase and the rich history of the city of Cleveland in mind. We wanted our great partner Fairwinds Estate Winery to create something that allows our loyal fans to celebrate their team anywhere and we cannot thank them enough for helping us continue to take great care of our fans through this unique partnership.”
David Safer, Vice President
Cleveland Browns
“The moment you set foot in Cleveland, you can feel the pride and community of its people. I grew up in the Midwest and Cleveland feels like home to me. I am truly honored to make these handcrafted Napa Valley wines for the Cleveland Browns and celebrate the pride, culture, people and history of such a special team and place.”
Brandon Chaney, Proprietor & CEO
Brownstown Napa Valley & Fairwinds Estate Winery

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